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Tanzania TB electronic case-based surveillance system a model to other African countries

Tanzania has been mentioned to be one of the very few African countries to roll up a case-based system using a tracker mode of the DHIS2 system. This has been presented during a WHO international stakeholder workshop conducted from 14-18 Jan 2018 at the New Africa Hotel DSM. The workshop brought together regional stakeholders aimed at introducing the countries to the WHO toolkit for analysis and use of health facility data.

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In the effort of finding the TB missing cases in Tanzania (currently estimated at 84,000 annually) and continuing creating TB awareness, The National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme (NTLP) on 21st September, 2018 launched the "TAMBUA TB" mobile apps. The two USSD code based applications is for self screening and general TB knowledge to the general public as well as treatment adherence and literacy among the TB patients.

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Wabunge watakiwa kuwahamasisha wananchi kutokomeza Kifua Kikuu nchini

Wabunge nchini wamehamasishwa kushiriki katika kuongoza juhudi za kutokomeza ugonjwa wa kifua kikuu (TB) ambao unaonekana kuwa tishio kubwa. Hayo yameelezwa na mbunge wa viti maalumu (CCM) Mh. Najma Giga aliyemuwakilisha Spika wa Bunge Mh. Job Ndugai katika uzinduzi wa mtandao wa wabunge duniani wenye dhamira ya kutokomeza ugonjwa wa kifua kikuu uliofanyika katika ukumbi wa bunge jijini Dodoma.

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World TB Day 2018

Each year we commemorate World TB Day on March 24 to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic impact of tuberculosis (TB) and urge acceleration of efforts to end the global TB epidemic

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